29 ene. 2010

Exhibition FELT IT at ROAR! Gallery, 4th-20th Feb

FELT IT! pulls together a collection of artwork which shows off the diversity and achievements of the endearing felt tip pen.

FELT IT! is the first of its kind in Wellington – participating artists include Brendan Jon Philip, Kiran X, Miss Mica Still, Reece Tong, Julie Wilson, Beware, Charles Cunningham, Laura Chaplin, Vicky Dooley, Marci Tackett, Dr Phil, Ruth Korver, Timothy Leatigaga,Yen Comer-Hudson, Colin Korovin, Monica Moreno, Emily Moore, Yelena Barbalich, Wendy Best, Pauline Johns and Timothy Rodley.While often thought of as a child’s medium, with cheap, throwaway connotations, the felt tip pen rightly assumes centre stage in this showcase of exciting new work made by some of Wellington’s hottest Artists, Illustrators, Costumiers, Cartoonists, and Film Makers.  

FELT IT! is sure to challenge some opinions about perceiving, valuing and believing, and will inevitably make you want to run home and pull out your old felt tips.
FELT IT! will be a hands-on experience as you will get an opportunity to participate and get your hands dirty.

---------See you at the opening!!!!! 4th February at 5.30 pm

ROAR! gallery ... 55 Abel Smith St, Wellington
(corner Cuba St and Abel Smith St - above Real Groovy)

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